TF2 Sentry and Dispenser


The sentry took about 20 minutes and the dispenser took about 5 or 6


looks like roblox
(no offense it just reminds me of that)


roblox cant be good. this is good since it took effort.


Man… if only we could upload .obj files…

Workshop hurry up please!


There are some good Roblox gamemodes I actually play a lot of like phantom forces


Ylike some of that COD


the sentry gun could be a little bit better. Still both the sentry and the dispenser look amazing.


How the hell?


using canvas cubes, canvas zylinders, ect. and the right textures.


Do you know what they used for the ‘Provisions’ logo?


he used normal canvas and searched the image of it.


Dispenser is good but the sentry looks like something from a bootleg android minecraft tower denfence game


actually now that i think about that looks like a pamtri creation


Huh thats actually pretty accurate