Tessellated Snow Texture

This might not be the best time of year to suggest this, I’m a bit late on this but I thought it would be a really good idea.

So there are some textures in TU that are available to the player, which have 3d bumpy like textures, I think it’s called “Tessellation”? Where there’s like metadata in the texture which displaces the texture off of the model?

There are only two textures in the game available to condo builders that I know of that use this technique,
“Mud” and “Igneous Rock”.

But a lot of games use tessellation and texture displacement for other things, most often, snow! It let’s them make the bumpy, lumpy snow without the hassle of making manual geometry in the map!

Here’s a render of some tessellated snow from a VFX artist in UE4:

Anyway, I think having a texture like “Igneous Rock” but as snow would make winter and snow condos look really professional!!!

Tesselation is a part of it yes.

Sand and Snow would both greatly benefit from having an option like this, the only issue comes with World-Align capabilities. Though, I guess it wouldn’t be too much of an issue since there’s already “flat” snow and sand materials.

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