Terrifying Abomination

Courtesy of @Erickson9610


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How comes this happens?

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You know that update that added the new playermodels? I decided to stay with the old playermodel (which, by the way, has no animations; it is stuck in a T pose pls fix) and thus when suiciding, something goes wrong with the ragdoll. I assume the old model trying to use the bone map of the new models, so this happens.


Now you can see what happens right when you suicide in this form.

Hehe I see, by the way, how do you suicide? I Never found out yet I guess it might be the k key

You suicide with the K key.

I can finally jump off the tower with style, thank you

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I changed my model for a video… Rip Tony the Tower guy 2015-2016

Yeah that model never had a ragdoll.