Terraria for 3DS: Be warned!

Don’t get Terraria for 3DS if you can’t stand small worlds! There are no world size options at all. From what I’ve read, the world you get is smaller than the small world on the PC version. There is also no 3D options, which is understandable because who gives a crap. There is barely any news on this on the internet, which is why I’m posting it here. Don’t waste $20 like I did.

It’s odd how ports of indie-based crafting games are now getting ported AND broken at the same time.

First we had Minecraft, now this…


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Well Terraria for 3DS isn’t broken. It’s just limited. But it’s so limited it’s almost pointless.

From what my friend has told me, the game is pretty amazing (and she’s got a sizable amount of time in the PC and mobile versions). Not really a waste if you want the portability of the game, plus it’s arguably better in some areas than the PC is (grid system, character creation, precision w/ stylus). Knowing Re-Logic, they’re also more likely than not going to be improving it over time. It was just released.