Temporary Item Fuser for re-arranging

While decorating my condo, I had the idea of the title above.

The basic idea is: either drop some “pins” or a new tool gun that shoots them (up to devs if they implement it) that take an area and temporarily make them fused together. It would be solely used for set pieces that are just off for the person and don’t want to move every single piece. Could be 2 pieces or 200. It would probably help out so many people that can’t settle on a design (like me.)

It would kinda be like the Fuse function in the GMod Tool gun.

wouldn’t an easier version of this be ctrl clicking individual props to select multiple instead of needing a new tool gun? or alternatively making a selection box to specify an area to select props from?

hmm… that sounds more reasonable…

I think a Fuser would still be nice for longterm stuff. Even if we have Ctrl+Click, I’m probably gonna forget about it. With a fuse tool, once items are linked, I imagine they’ll always be linked till I unfuse em.

As somehow who heavily relied on the welding tool in Gmod, I really want this :stuck_out_tongue:

Iirc an item grouping tool is planned.