Tell people if they're banned from hosting condos in the Join Permissions section

I don’t know how much QOL we’re tryna give people who are banned- but maybe a little notice saying “This account is banned from hosting condos” next to the buttons with Public and Friends Only, as well as having them be grayed out, could help avoid posts like this. Idk if a warning like this exists on the initial hosting screen cuz uhhhhhh i’m not banned.

Super-epic mock ups:

Thank you for posting this.

For me, there was no notification or any indication on the main menu about my ban, which lead me to think that my issue could be a bug. I also have a friend that is media banned and he also did not receive any indication that he was banned.

It would be a nice quality of life change that would prevent confusion if there was an icon somewhere to notify you about these bans.


This is something that’s on the to-do list, but it’s not a high priority.


I would say add tiny explanation of ban reason somewhere for any sort of in-game ban (condo hosting, media playing, etc. etc.)