Teleporter Suggestion

It would be nice to have an option to set multiple teleport spots for teleporters so you could set where you want it to teleport in an order.

So, when you teleport the first time you go to teleport A, the next time you go through the teleporter you go to teleport B, and this goes on until you reach the last teleport, where either you can’t teleport anymore or you just go back to teleport A (you could choose which one).

Or, you could make it a random order. So, the first time you teleport you go to teleport G, then next teleport you go to teleport A, and so on. You could maybe select a final room to go to after a specific amount of teleports.

Take a shot for every time I typed teleport in this post. don’t

(I don’t know how to describe this in a title so I just named the post Teleporter Suggestion)

Be great for making lifts (elevators, sorry, I am British), sounds cool! +1 vote