T-Credits (ingame currency)



T-credits are a special kinda currency you can only get by spin to win, minigames (in plaza) play time (1 credit per hour) and unlocking achievements!

These credits can be used in a shop called currency cashout, and the owner is a catsack

you can buy special items, limited items, rare items and other stuff!

they are basically these but has T-Credits written on them, also they are blue.

very realistic representation of the store



But… like… why…?
To me, it seems to be a pointless additional currency that’s also only obtainable through several handpicked activities. Isn’t the basic idea behind currency in this game that you can obtain it through any way you like?


I feel like adding more types of currency will just doubt people trying to make money in the first place and it will make it hard for new people to know the differences and it may just confuse people.



There will be a ticket currency for Arcade, so adding this would confuse that a bit.