System for Joining and Hosting Gameworlds

I’m offering some general suggestions based off of annoyances from joining gameworlds.

Joining Games

Firstly, the act of joining gameworlds is a huge pain. You don’t know how many people are queued for which games. Also, to queue for them, you have to walk all the way over to the gameworld ports and advertise to the entire server to play. This really discourages even queuing for them at all. There is also a 40 player limit to servers, so with so many different minigames and gameworlds, it is very difficult to get into a game.

I think that allowing you to join and view gameworlds from anywhere is a potential solution. Or maybe a button on the inventory to teleport to the gameworld ports and back to your current position from when you teleported. Also, allowing you to queue for games while in your condo would be a fantastic returning feature from Gmod Tower!!!

##The Voting System
It currently has players pick a singular map and have a roulette wheel choose randomly. Even if two people vote on the same map, it could still pick another one. Plus, you cannot see what other people have voted and you cannot change your vote. This often results in players playing a map they don’t want to.

I think the voting system should be completely reworked if this is possible. One idea is that you get a UI with every map and a check box in the corner of each one. You can check all of the ones you are okay with playing and don’t check the ones you don’t want to play. Then the most voted maps are selected randomly.

Another idea is to allow players to see what other players have voted and change their map as many times as they want. If a map has 1 extra vote or more, it chooses that map. Otherwise, it chooses the map randomly.

##Hosting Games
Another thing is hosting games. The host picks the map already. I think that it should be reworked to where you can host a gameworld lobby which can be joined quickly. Once enough players have joined, you vote and then load the map. Although, I’m not even sure this is possible in the Unreal Engine. It’s at least a thought.


I find often that players would want to play with the same people several times on the same gameworld, but for all of the reasons listed above, it is really difficult to do so. I think a rematch button would be great. If enough players have clicked it, a map vote begins and you can play the same gameworld again!


Did you even read my post? Look under “Hosting Games”. Also, there are far more people on plaza servers, and queuing together is what they are really for. Its rare that you will be able to quickly get into a virus game that is on round 1. It takes a long time because most people aren’t constantly looking for servers under those.

Im showing you how to easily join the game worlds since in the top you say it’s " a huge pain in the ass to join gameworlds".
Joining said gameworlds from the main menu is a huge time saver and makes it alot easier to play the minigames since there are often alot of game sessions already running.
Also you’re refering to the wrong section

The ability to host a Game World from Condo would be nice and definitely something we have talked about before. Unfortunately, Unreal does the Steam sever hosting very wrong and rehosting with the same people is broken, so we have to figure out a solution.

The vote system is going to be redone to be top voted and ties are randomly selected. It’s been on the to do list for awhile now.

Same as the Condo rehost issue, currently we can’t do rematches, but it is definitely something we want to do soon.

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Wow, I didn’t know unreal had so many limitations with communications between servers! Must be a real pain. Thank you for replying and I hope you can get some of these issues worked out eventually.

Yeah, it’s a real shame.

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