Switchable Graphic Setting Presets/Profiles


As having a mid-range to low-end computer, I constantly feel the need to change all the graphic settings to low every time in mini games to minimize lag and stuttering. But when going back to condos, I much prefer having them in high quality settings than having high fps performance. Constantly switching back and forth can get really tedious sometimes, especially when there are so many buttons and sliders in the graphics settings.

So I wondered if a preset graphic profile/preset setting of low, medium, high, and ultra would be possible in the graphic settings to quickly switch instead of constantly having to readjust every single graphic settings multiple times throughout the game.

You would pick a graphic profile and all the graphic settings would change to low, medium, high or ultra.

Another similar alternative feature would be a savable custom graphic settings profile you can switch to instantly, due to the vast options in the graphic settings.

People can use this as a convenience and switch to a different graphic profile quickly when visiting very large condos and their fps is a bit low, or in games when they need fps the most, or when they just want to chill in condos but want the best eye candy experience and so they can quickly set graphic options to high instantly.

In the end, this game hits really high fps and really low fps depending on so many different scenarios and I think having multiple savable graphic setting profiles would be beneficial not only to those who need it, but also avoiding tediously adjusting graphic settings again and again.

Here are some examples of what I mean if it wasn’t clear:


While I don’t think graphical presets are a big priority, it would be nice to see them. I’d prefer to see the custom saved profiles, since that ensures that players don’t end up with settings they don’t want (I don’t care how cinematic it looks, I don’t want Depth of Field or Motion Blur, thank you very much). TrackMania does this fairly well, letting you completely customize and save how ever many presets you want (though you can’t switch from in-game, which is a bit annoying).