Sweet Tooth Tube Fix Patch





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  • Hole 2
  • Hole 3
  • Hole 4
  • Hole 6
  • Hole 7
  • Hole 8
  • Hole 9
  • Hole 10
  • Hole 12
  • Hole 13
  • Hole 14
  • Hole 18

  • Card's description was updated.
  • A new checklist named "Holes" has been added to the card.

  • "Hole 9" has been checked off on the "Holes" checklist.


Oh boy!

  • "Hole 8" has been checked off on the "Holes" checklist.

  • "Hole 7" has been checked off on the "Holes" checklist.

  • "Hole 6" has been checked off on the "Holes" checklist.


Another reason for people to complain gone!


Sweet Tooth in general is and has been broken ever since the physics rework earlier in TU history. When are they gonna fix the whole course?


I thought that wasn’t out yet?


There was an earlier slight rework of minigolf that broke a lot of shit, and Sweet Tooth hasn’t been the same since. Source: someone I know always complains about Sweet Tooth being broken and that it used to be their favorite map.


I haven’t noticed any change in minigolf’s physics though.



This was the update that broke Sweet Tooth.

Okay it wasn’t this one but it was around this era. I’m looking.


It doesn’t mention physics reworks, just polishing changes.


You’re just going to have to go on my word. Sweet Tooth used to be an ok map to play but now its absolutely terrible because everytime you turn around it flings you off.


I’m aware it used to be normal, I was just confused because I don’t remember minigolf’s physics ever being reworked.


That’s because they haven’t been. I have no idea what he’s talking about


The physics is based on framerate, which has been getting worse in terms of interpolation due to optimization issues, especially with this last update. It’s really not something that can be immediately helped, but it’ll probably get fixed eventually once the Devs actually have time to look into it.

  • "Hole 3" has been checked off on the "Holes" checklist.

  • "Hole 4" has been checked off on the "Holes" checklist.