Suugestion - how to decrease lag

So I’ve noticed that when in large servers, some players have poor ping in the hundreds causing other players to lag.

To get around this I suggest a system implemented that has an auto kick when a player’s ping is high so that everyone else enjoys a lag free experience, keeping players satisfied and playing. I really hope you consider this, it will be an important thing to have once you start leaning toward getting out of early access.


Players who have bad ping do not cause lag for other players.


I don’t know, sometimes I see lag spikes when coming close to players with high ping. Could be a coincidence?

Most likely a coincidence.


Do you mean seeing the player with high ping lag? Because that’s usually what happens with a person of high ping.

I do see that yes, and my player decides to skip around as well, even when my ping is good along with my fps.
And also I have seen this implemented on other games as well.

This game would be unplayable with this,
i have internet that can’t go at same speed, and my ping often increases to 340+ for a like 5-10 seconds

That would be stupid becayse no matter how good your internet is you wull go up to 340 ping when you load in you cant say well mibe doesnt because ut does