Survivors are too OP in Virus gamemode

Virus needs some serious changes. The survivors are way too overpowered. The survivors have too many weapons that are always one hit kill and there is no reason to use any weapons other than the sonic shotgun and DB.
Not to mention in GMT the “infection” would often not infect survivors when they are directly touched by the infected. Also, camping spots. Oh my god they are the most frustrating thing ever. For example, the map hospital had one room where the survivors could just sit and do nothing with there guns pointed at the door and win the round .I would suggest making the infected have a little bit more health so they are not always getting instant-killed. Also, try to make every single room or area have multiple entrances/doors so there are no OP camping spots. I would appreciate it if you could take these into consideration when integrating Virus into TU, they really ruin the gamemode.


But then again, it is part of the fun. And it means that the infected have to come up with of ways to counter that. Be it rushing all at once or zig-zaging.

(Also your title makes it seam like you’re wanting the Survivors to be OP)

The issue is infected are more overpowered. One touch and they can infect everyone in the room who is camping. We’ve always added different exits to every room (and if there is no exit, a virus spawn point would be added), and in the new Hospital that room doesn’t exist anymore.

The “infection” issue is related to lag and has been vastly improved in the Tower Unite version.


so now the infected are nerfed, 'right

I dont think Mac said he was going to nerf/buff anything. Just making the game more fast pasted and fun for both sides

Thanks for clearing that up. I still think all the weapons have a few balancing issues. In Gmod Tower there was no reason to use anything other than the flak handgun and the two shotguns. I don’t mean that they are too OP I just wish that they were all worth using.

True that, i have to agree that when i’m runnin around everywhere i see everyone usin a flak handcannon or shotgun (db or sonic shotgun), i actually rarely see people use the other guns (Sci-fi handgun, 9mm handgun, dual silencers, tommy gun, rcp, sniper rifle, basically anything BUT the tnt, double barrel, sonic shotgun or flak-hand cannon), heck i’ve never really seen people use adrenaline either, what really should be done is to have a way that encourages using other weapons, maybe have some hints/tips somewhere;

Let’s use a scenario…for example, let’s say you were playing virus on hospital, and you become the last survivor, a text bar that should appear (but should NOT distract the player) could say something like “Press [key here] to use your adrenaline!” or “Use your adrenaline!”, or just have a small npc at the port that tells you the use of all the weapons and why you should use them sometimes instead of shotgunning your way to victory.

That or we can just decrease the ammo for the shotguns, meaning you will be forced to use the other weapons at some point, i mean you can survive a full round with 26 DB shells and 6 (including the starting one) sonic shotgun clips. no real need for nerfing the flak handcannon in my opinion since you only can use 4 shots that will not guarantee an instant kill, at best it will, at worst it’ll do a lot of damage, but not enough to kill the virus


Actually, I’d love to see less ammo for weapons in general (though definitely for shotguns; you are certainly correct in stating that they last the entire round), precisely because…

So long as the other weapons are viable killing tools (and I trust the devs to go through balancing everything), it would certainly be a great way to enforce weapon variety and reduce reliance on a certain kind of weapon. We have an arsenal of cool guns, it’s about time we start to use them all.

Let’s try not to go overboard, i know you said you trust the devs to balance the guns, but we need the right armount of ammo so that we can atleast survive a battle if there were let’s say- 11 other players (provided virus in TU will have that max of players), don’t get me wrong i know what you’re coming from but if we end up with no ammo in our guns by the time were last survivor (or infected), then we’ve got a huge problem.

Perhaps I worded that incorrectly, I definitely don’t want to run out of ammo. Considering that guns are the only way to defend yourself, it would be terrible to be forced into running away. Decreasing the ammo only for the shotguns might or might not be enough to enforce weapon variety. I certainly agree with you; I guess my main point was that I want to be forced to use a variety of weapons, not so much that all weapons must have a reduced ammo pool.

I believe adrenaline is automatically used once you become the last survivor. Not too sure though.

No, it does not, you have to use it to get the speed boost

While it is true, it’s really all about the position of the players, i mean sure you CAN infect everyone in the room who is camping, but how many deaths are you going to have to suffer before you can even reach them? plus a majority of the time they’ll have tnt everywhere and you decide to play ‘fake-afk’, they’ at best’ just run towards you with a sonic shotgun, blow you back and kill you, or at worst, use a flak handcannon/sci-fi handgun and let the ‘bullets’ bounce of the walls do the work, starts to get more stressful and less fun to play virus overall.

And yes, i agree one touch (melee) to kill a person is pretty ‘op’ but lets also consider this: some guns like the shotgun, flak handcannon, and heck, maybe some others can do the same thing, but at range (This is excluding the TNT, that is more or less a proximity mine), suddenly the op factor for touching someone to kill them starts to be lost, really if you ask me, it’s all about luck, but then again, you’re depending on the survivors to fuck up somewhere or be oblivious to your position (which 99% of the time, never happens), or heck, be tabbed into their web browser!

TFW I’ve never understood why the infected aren’t NPCs. The overall gameplay feels boring to me, if you’re infected

Because it’s based on the Virus mode from TimeSplitters games. Granted, you had bots on those games, but otherwise infected were actual players.

They could balance the game by doing two things. First make infected not able to one hit infect a survivor. Make it damage based instead. That makes it tougher for infected, true. But then counter that by introducing Classes for both Survivors and Infected.

Have one Class for infected that can shoot projectiles, like projectile vomit similar to a Boomer or Smoker from L4D. Counter that with a survivor class with a shield to deflect those projects. Create a class for Infected that can go invisible but gives off a shimmer if you, a survivor, catch it moving. Counter that class with a survivor that has either smoke or lasers that can increase the visibility of invisible infected.

Classes and changing the infected’s “one hit and you’re dead” to a damage bar instead would be able to balance the game for both sides and increase skill needed for the game. Also, the classes should be randoms/not selectable and somewhat rare. Like out of 8 infected/survivors on a team 2-3 at most should be specials.

Sorry if this is a late reply. I only see these when they’re in those Digests I get in my email.

Hell no, it’s hard enough as is to touch survivors without being blown to bits by a shotgun.

I’d rather they just toned down some of the blatantly overpowered weapons and toned up the weaker ones.

Overall, you sound like you really want this to feel like L4D, which I disagree with. At its heart, this gamemode has always been about mimicking TimeSplitters’ Virus mode, and I’d like it to stay that way.

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The F2P FPS M.A.T. has a Mummy mode in their game. The game starts with one or two people being randomly turned into mummies. It’s very similar to Virus. They chose to use a damage system instead of one hit kill for the mummies which are basically the same as infected. Mummies just have to claw at survivors until they die then they turn into more Mummies. Even though Mummies don’t one hit kill. They can easily win and most of the time when I played it, they did.

It has nothing to do with the OP weapons. M.A.T. allowed you to bring any guns into mummy mode. People with LMG’s and rocket launchers and every other gun in an FPS. The mummies still were able to win.

That game had the same problem of survivors grouping together which half the time worked in the mummies favor as it does with infected when survivors are stuck and can’t run.

Adding of a health system then giving infected more health but removing their one hit kills would fix the issue of survivors being OP. But you can’t expect survivors to get their defense toned down if the infected aren’t done the same.

Classes would be cool, has nothing to do with L4D, that was just an example so people don’t think I mean give infected guns. It would give the game longevity and not make it become boring after playing it for so long. That or add a bunch of extra maps or non class abilities.

Ah but let’s note that the viruses, in most situations will not even get even a full second to the survivors before being gunned down by 4 shotguns, tell me all you want that it worked well in time splitters, this isn’t time splitters, the main problem is how you have to infect people, like it’s probably been said a billion times by everyone who plays virus a lot, it’s really all about luck, you have to hope the survivors miss or are for some stupid reason, not paying attention to the game.

And i don’t really consider survivors reloading to be a factor in luck, i mean seriously some of the weapons have really fast reload time and some allow you to fire in a quick succession and maximize damage, it’s pretty stressful.

Also adding classes in virus is pretty much going to give it a L4D feel, no matter how much you look at the bigger picture, it will ALWAYS have a L4D feel, that’s the beauty of virus really, it’s not complicated with classes, you don’t have to learn stupidly easy tricks and strategies to learn how to kill an entire room with jumping (atleast- not in my books). you just run at the survivors and infect them or run and shoot the viruses, it can not be much more simpler than that.

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TBH playing as infected is pretty boring ATM