Surfing Mini game mode

(Mini-game mode suggestion for boardwalk games for the sea area)

and just in general to relax , with high tide waves with friends showing off your tricks and speed.

Part of the beach is an area for surfers to compete in a race as well with doing tricks, going through hoops/archs, collecting flouting cat sacks on the surface of the water, all for points, who ever has the highest points wins!
Your tricks would help you boost alittle bit if needed/stuck.
customize your surfboards looks,shapes,colours,sounds, and partical effects.

For hard maps will have obsticals such as sharks and rocks.

Milestone ideas for this would be

  1. rideable surfboard for the water, if on land you use your legs to push it like a skate board but woudnt go fast)
  2. Unlock a new partical effect.
  3. surf board backpack
  4. starfish hat.
  5. wackable surfboard (hit other players with your surfboard)

Inspiration from this game gave me this idea

Great choice. Just… don’t be like every terrible CS:S or TF2 surfing maps.