Support for outer space condo building

So as of late I have been considering starting a condo build consisting of a space station or spacecraft, and as of now the options for this sort of build seem to be quite limited. Currently the best fit would probably be to build on the secret moon zone of Resort, but that zone has low gravity by default and right now there seem to be no options to manipulate gravity.

So before I commit to this kind of build I’d like to ask if there are any space-based condo templates on the development pipeline. I have thought of making a suggestion topic about this but I figured out that it would be better to know if anything spacey was planned. There’s also the matter of additional features that would be great for this build but I’m fairly sure are planned to be added such as custom movers (doors, elevators and so on), custom materials, scripting and custom physics volumes.


I have a few options that I think would work great with this idea:

  • A smooth space map (planet terrain with editable surface, option to change gravity?)
  • A map similar to sb_new_worlds or sb_twinsuns from GMod (different planets with unique skyboxes/terrain in a galaxy setting)

I’d really like to see something like this in Tower.


I find the void in Art Studio is the best place to do a space map.
It does require lots of lights (since you are in the void and all), but gives the darkness needed.

Here is looking out a window on my space station.

Basically space is a sprite sheet on 2 canvas domes.


Try out the sheet in your build!

Columns: 7, Rows: 1, Rate: 1, Glow: 1, Texture Scale: 10 (may need to adjust depending on dome size)


Looks pretty good, actually!

Going off-topic here, are those windows all made out of DIY primitives or are they Workshop meshes?

The window frame is a workshop item.

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