Super Mario Bros. World

So, I’ve had an idea of recreating a giant room, and making it a level of different video game maps.

I decided to start off with something basic to see if it would actually work, and to get some suggestions for the future ones I decide to do.

I currently only have one wall of it finished because I sadly am poor as shit, and I don’t have enough room with the normal condo to do a big project like this, I need something like Smooth Dirt.

So if you have any ideas for me to improve on, or game worlds to do, comment them down below! :grin:

(If you still don’t see the concept, imagine a huge box, and you are inside the box, and the inner walls of the box are filled with the background and designs of the video game level)


how did you cut the image up like that to connect it together?

He just edited it in to a 5x5 grid and put it on canvases.

If you want to use Photoshop, then I just loaded the whole image I wanted to use

Click on the slice tool in Photoshop

Then Right click the image and click on Divide Slice

After that just put in the grid that you want and how many you want and you are good to go :grin:

(I also heard that there are some websites that do this for you, so you could just google up that if you don’t want to do it yourself)

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