'Sup Peeps!

I’m kinker31, but you may also know me as ectoTrickster over at the in-game plazas and various games, and as Rumtis back in the GMTower days. (Rumtis and kinker31/ectoTrickster being two seperate accounts though, I borrowed the former from a family member of mine before splitting off into kinker31), so I’ve been familiar with the Tower for a 'lil while now, and I decided to register my round rump over to the forums in order to really say hello to y’all.


Welcome! :smile:

Welcome to the forums! :hugs:

welcome to the tower :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m quite familiar with the Tower itself, especially back in those carefree GMT days, but thanks anyhow! :smiley:


What’s your playtime on TU btw? Just curious.

At the time of writing, one to two hours away from a full day of playtime.


Welcome and enjoy your stay!

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

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Another member! Welcome.

Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!



Hello and welcome!

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