Sup my dudettes

Hi my name is Drrabbit (or durr rabbit although I hate that, nvm don’t say this) and I am completely and utterly new to tower unite, I am so new I don’t know where the realtor is or how to get a jetpack. Nice to meet you all :^)

Also, things i like are:
More baguettes
Spoopy skeletons
Even more baguettes

So that’s it for me.
Like really that’s it…
I’m really just a walking talking baguette :frowning:


Welcome to Tower Unite and the Community Forums, Drrabbit!

To get jetpack, you want to find the store to the left of the Toy Store, and it should be fore sale there.
To find the realtor, go to the furnishing store, then the second floor and it should be up there!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Hunter!! :smile_cat:

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Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

Hey Drrabbit, glad you decided to join the forums! :smiley_cat:
Also @HunterRawr

I think we missed the joke here. :joy:


Wait a minute… :thinking:

doesn’t look like anything to me


Oh my god. We just got pranked.:angry:


I had to do some wonky stuff to do that, e.e

Welcome to tower even though you’ve been playing for a while and I’ve known you for a while as well

Welcome home, drrabbit.

Thanks guys, so glad I could join this community :^)

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Sup Drrabbit

TBH, I expected you to be on these forums sooner. I see ya playing all the time!

Welcome to the forums!

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