Sup, I'm Fuzzy

So i’m not really that great with introductions, but my name’s Dawson but online i’m mainly referred to as “Fuzzy” or “FuzzyBubbles”. I’ve played Gmod Tower for a while with a little over 100 hours of playing with friends and by myself occasionally, so like most of you i’d assume, I was super hyped to see it go standalone and pretty much instantly backed the Kickstarter and Indiegogo alike.

Anyways, yeah it’s really nice to meet you all and i hope we all have fun here. :smiley:

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Hey Fuzzy, and welcome to the forums! Hope to see ya in the game! Look for “Rug” :smiley:.

How does one fuzzy bubble?

Welcome to the maddening :smile_cat: Have a seat, stay forever!

hello mate :sunglasses:

Hey fuzzy! Welcome to the forums!

Welcome! :horse:

Welcome @ReallyFuzzyBubbles

Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the sights around here. :ship: