Sunrise Isles & Continuous Play Update (

New Accelerate Map: Sunrise Isles!

Continuous Game World Play - Vote For Next Map

In this update, we’ve made changes to the end of Game World matches. Now when a Game World match is over, it’ll display a vote map for the next map to play - all without having to create a new match!

Plaza Update

We’ve updated the Plaza, improving the pool and jungle areas the most, and we adjusted the colors, lighting, and polish in general. We added optimizations as well!

New Game World Ports

The Game World Ports have been completely redesigned. The ports are now smaller and feature new artwork!

Accelerate Leaderboards, Achievements, and Stats

Accelerate now has leaderboards for each track, and we’ve added several new achievements.

Accelerate Workshop SDK Update

We’ve added new vehicle types in this update: the skateboard and the ATV (a bike pose with 4 wheels). We also took in feedback and have made changes to the hover and no wheels options. The hover feature has been moved to support all vehicle types such as bikes. Now, you can create hover bikes! You can also hide wheels independently of the hover and vehicle type, and you have the ability to adjust wheel size!

Workshop developers: make sure you update your existing vehicles to take advantage of these changes!

Removed Low Bandwidth Branch

In this update, we’ve made optimizations that improve download sizes for updates, removing the need for the low bandwidth branch. As we have disabled the branch, all future updates will be PAK, giving all users faster load times without worrying about large update downloads.


  • New Accelerate Map: Sunrise Isles
  • Continuous Game World Play - Vote For Next Map
  • Improved Game World Voting
  • Plaza Update
  • Plaza: Jungle side of Island art pass
  • Plaza: Pool slides area art pass
  • Plaza: DIY store art pass
  • Plaza: Sweet Suites store art pass
  • Plaza: Condo store art pass
  • Improved Game World Ports
  • Accelerate leaderboards
  • Accelerate achievements
  • New Wowozela sounds
  • Moved “report player”, “mute player”, and “block player” buttons on player profiles to be easier to spot and more intuitive
  • Added a “how to report players” popup within the chat box
  • Accelerate Workshop: Added ability to adjust first person camera offset
  • Accelerate Workshop: Added ability to adjust handlebar width offsets for bike
  • Accelerate Workshop: Added ATV type (bike animations with four wheels)
  • Accelerate Workshop: Added skateboard type
  • Accelerate Workshop: Removed Hover and No Wheels vehicle types (any existing workshop model that uses these will still function, but are strongly recommended to update) and instead added separate options to enable Hover Mode and Hide Wheels. This will allow workshop vehicle authors to have hover bikes/scooters, hover vehicles with hidden wheels, and bikes with hidden wheels.
  • Accelerate: Added item hit feed so you know which items hit which players
  • Accelerate: Bowling Balls now can take out bumpers, golf holes, and beer when they hit those placed items
  • Accelerate: Players will no longer get caught in the railings in Bedzoom
  • Improved Zombie Massacre zombie running animations
  • Improved Virus infected running animations
  • Added “number of cat pets on splash screen”, store visit counts, and “workshop rates given” to stats display

Bug Fixes

  • Accelerate: Fixed some workshop models blinking/derendering weirdly
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed player scale metadata resetting when editing the player scale
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed bike leg adjustment metadata resetting when editing it
  • Accelerate: Fixed Triple Melon Boost item using all boosts at once when using the scroll wheel
  • Accelerate: Netcode rewrite/optimizations for item throwing
  • Accelerate - Pine Valley: Homing weapons will now properly travel along shortcuts and side tracks
  • Accelerate: Fixed respawning system causing karts to be respawned into the ground in certain places in the levels
  • Fixed stars not displaying in the skyboxes
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed metadata and item list scroll bars causing the editor camera to zoom out on mouse wheel
  • Fixed dropdown scroll bar lists scrolling down lists behind it
  • Fixed casino machines intersecting with each other

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<3 PixelTail Games


ayyyy eh

RIP low bandwidth


Eyyyy time to become #1 on the accelerate leaderboards for a bit

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Forgot to mention, it would be great to add a RANDOM option to the map voting screen


Love how much colour and pop the Plaza has gotten recently. Much more charming than the pale, chrome look the Plaza used to have


The new Plaza style is fantastic, great work! Hope to see this kinda look implemented in more areas.
Skateboard option in Accelerate is also such a unexpected and cool thing.

Can’t wait to try out continuous play this weekend.


I forgot just how much of a blessing continuous play was until we got it. It makes life so much easier, especially since I have a potato pc and it takes a while to load into the plaza. :stuck_out_tongue:


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