Summer events!/items


Squirt gun battles on the beach, a ice cream truck that sells summer of 2018 items like freezers, giant ice cream cones from sweet tooth. Maybe some different floaters, like sharks and things and a squirt gun item would be fun, as well as a water balloon.

Would be fun to have some items to play around with


sounds neat.


Sounds great, maybe they could bring back water slides to the plaza also


Then i would finally be able to make my own version of Jaws.


Shark fin hat would also be fun


I’d love more seasonal items. My skeleton deserves a lei and grass skirt.


Yessss, I loved the water slide and the rings to swim around with.
It was so fun to float around and bounce against each other with them.

(Don’t know if those rings are still a thing, haven’t played Tower Unite in a while)


I would greatly appreciate placable water blocks or build-your-own-swimming-pool pieces to make one out of. My huge canvas one isn’t a usable solution!