Summer 2021 Event Item Suggestions

Summer is the smallest event of Tower Unite with its major additions actually being non-event features (Workshop support, Teleporters, launch pads, etc). So I followed that tradition by finding some usable, vaguely summer or party related items in the Plaza that would be nice to have in the Condo Item catalogue.
I tried to pick items that would take relatively little effort to transplant into the catalogue (since they already exist as actors or static meshes) with one exception.

FX Items

Water Sprayer - creates a stream of water affected by gravity and surfaces (like the Anniversary firework effects)

Water Impact / Steam / Mist - a midpoint between the Floor Fog and Fog Machine

Fountain Jet (Large, Medium, Small) - Shoots water like the Sparkle Fountain Extravaganza. Size determines height, width, and density of the spray.

Rain / Downpour - There’s no FX actor for this I can remember, but this would be greatly appreciated.

Functional Items
Innertube Stands - allows players to equip an innertube without entering the Appearance Menu. Additions could involve builders choosing specific Innertubes from their collection to be equipped.

Binoculars - Zooms the player’s view to where the binoculars are targeting (compatibility with the Targetter Function would help)

Decorative Items
Beach Umbrella - come on now, this has bugged me to no end.

Skyward Beacon- sways around casting a lightray upward (a more advanced model would be appreciated for the Condo version)

I know you’re busy with Arcade Phase II for a Summer release, but these would be a very nice small set of items to compliment another Ocean-centric condo.