Suicide gun and emotion menu?

I’ve got two question that I want to know (If that’s possible :slightly_smiling:)

WIll there be a suicide gun (.357) into the cat sacks?

Also, Will there be an emotion menu like GMTower? (Dance, Lay, Sexy Dance, Robot, etc…)

Thanks :smiley:

I believe this is something that would be worked on after the Character model and animation get their overhaul. When this would happen I don’t remember, but I do remember the devs saying this on a stream.

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Oh god, thanks :smiley:

PD: I saw you in GMTower a week ago ^^

My name on Steam and GMod is Caboose700, and I have the same avatar as I do here on all three. Having moved to Linux in September, I have not been able to play GMT since then. Alas, that is not me.

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I saw a guy called Caboose, and I thought that was you… But if he wasn’t you… :confused:

Someone is using your name (without the “700”)

There are many Caboose’s on the internet and in games. I wasn’t the first, I won’t be the last.


Oh I understand. Sorry :confused:

Nothing to be sorry about haha.

In the future, I’ll never be playing GMT. You’ll only see me on Tower Unite :wink:

I take it GMT will be discontinued after TU’s official release, or sooner such as Early Access?

The minute that Tower Unite is for sale on Steam (when Early Access Launches) GMT will be shut down. There will be a shutdown party and such, but after that, GMT will no longer exist.

Gotcha. I understand if you are not obliged to share such information yet, but is there any benefits/promotional items for returning players from GMT?

Probably me too.

Exactly when’s the shutdown party?

I’m not a staff member and don’t have any insider information that anyone else couldn’t obtain heh.

I believe past donors get a 10% coupon for Tower Unite, along with a “Legacy Donor” tag.

From the Tower Unite FAQ:

When Tower Unite is complete you will be given a 10% off discount coupon
towards Tower unite, 5 exclusive in-game items, and a special condo
room layout tweak.

I’d assume this would be April 8th, the day that Tower Unite launches on Early Access.

Oh cool :slightly_smiling:

Oh haha, no problem. I got the impression that you were part of staff with how knowledgeable you are, as well as all of the dedication you give to the forums.

A coupon is something I suppose.

More than a coupon? Can’t wait to see what neat items the team gave to us.

Yeah, I had the same impression when I arrived here :smiley:

Nope, just a dedicated fan who retains approximate knowledge of Tower Unite :wink:

Maybe we’ll get a customizable virus flame or something similar. :open_mouth:

GMT will shutdown 2 weeks after Tower Unites Early Access release on April 8th.