SUGGESTIONS! - Yachts + More!

As I slowly begin to waste more and more of my inconsequential. vague and senseless life on this game, I am really enjoying it and would love to see some the suggestions I am about to give implemented into the game!

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First things first, YACHTS. This just has to happen, make it an expensive luxury to have, so expensive that only the richest of the Tower Unite community can afford, i’m thinking around 5 million. Host Yacht parties, and have fun with friends on it, maybe even get to explore nearby islands???
This may sound very similar to GTA for some of you, but this is where it should get better, FULLY-CUSTOMISABLE YACHTS, the colour, the stairs, the chairs, the sofas, the decoration, whether or not you want a big pool. a small pool. a classy lounge or a discotheque, beds, lamps, literary make it so customisable, that it would take forever to get the perfect Yacht.

Some blueprints ideas…

My next suggestion, something which should be added either as a individual game like bowling, or make it available to purchase and place it in your own condo/yacht…

Pool/Billiard tables (Playable)


Darts (Also playable)

2 very simple yet fun party games to play with friends and come along and just relax, which is what this game is about!

Lastly, although something that would be really hard to make, but none the less a suggestion for the future, to have skiing/snowboarding. This is obviously a dream update which would take ages to develop, but one that would be amazing none the less to have.

Thank you for your time to read through my suggestions for this game, as mentioned earlier, support any of the suggestions? Vote above, have any improvements/ideas, comment below, thanks!

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Well, off to many months of development then!
We should also have fairly simple but yet elegant yachts, which are in the price range of 400k to a million max, not just super luxurious and modern beasts for 5 million. Don’t forget that. But the idea is cool!

Snowboarding should be a gameworld if we were to add something like that. Snowboarding for fun in a video game isn’t really fun for the player himself.

from what I am aware about, the developers are making “boats” but whether or not they will be customizable and whether or not they will be counted as property, i’m not sure

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in reply to that, i would really enjoy having snowboard and skiing races with friends, and doing different tricks as well, kind of like the games “Snow” and “Steep” but obviously not something AS detailed as those games, maybe just simple races would be nice

Thanks for your comments!

So basically a yacht condo? I mean, seems like that can sorta be done.

Boy do I have a thread for you

Yes! That’s pretty much the idea

My bad! Didn’t see that post, but as I can see it has been suggested multiple times, and this post can also be used to strengthen the point that snowboarding/skiing races should be a thing

5 Million units? It took me ages just to buy the house, Maybe the price should be a bit lower? I know yachts are expensive, but I think 5 million is pretty excessive.

There was a yacht “space” in PSHome that cruised around by some islands and was really fun to hang out on. It was simplistic in its design and was small enough to be personal but also large enough to invite a few friends over. The layout was genius and the scenery beautiful; often I would stand on the roof and use a telescope item to look at the nearby islands and at the sky as I cruised along, from sunrise to dusk. I found a video of that yacht space here:

Now, I’m not asking for a remake of this in TU and I’m definitely not asking for TU to be like PSHome. Rather, this is to suggest what I think a yacht condo should play like and to give my thoughts on why I like the idea of a yacht condo in Tower Unite.

I’ve played the game for 71 hours now and been playing for only 5 days, and I have made roughly 700k. The yacht is something that should be available only to the best of the best, too many of them = no fun
This should be the highest point a Tower Unite player can reach, like a Global Elite in CSGO, for example.

It’s questionable whether the devs would add something THIS exclusive to the game. I still stand to my suggestion that there should be yachts of different classes, from low to absolute highest.

A simple yacht condo wouldn’t hurt. Pretty sure they talked about an underwater condo already which means condos can go pretty crazy in terms of theme, size and location.

Yeah I could really dig some Yacht condo.

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That’s an easter egg. It’s also not a model, just a moving picture.


It`s gif file