Suggestions for optimization (fps and accessibility)

Option to remove/decrease foliage (trees, plants, etc.)
This would be especially useful for the minigolf game
Max FPS slider, would make inputs from keyboard and mouse a lot more consistent
Render Distance slider
Option to toggle reflectiveness and animation of water/glass
Colorblind settings (ability to change all red to orange, all green to yellow, etc.) (Start with modes for Protan and Deutran deficiencies, as they are the most common. After, do Tritan deficiencies. Tritan type color blindness is really rare but I have it and I’m sure I matter so…)
Brightness, contrast, and saturation sliders.
Reply to this with ideas of similar nature :slight_smile:

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How about a particle density / limit
Most of your suggestions can be achieved by editing UE4’s render variables. There is for example a variable for a maximum roughness that can help reducing the work done for rendering reflective objects.
I’m pretty sure there are plans for this already.


More advanced graphics options would be very appreciated. Sure it could make the game look really awful but if it helps with performance then I’m sure some people would be more than happy to do it.

Another thing that would be useful I think is adjusting the level of detail for models.

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There is non as far I know. Also didn’t notice any LOD for particle effects when moving away from their emitters.
Additionally it would be awesome if mipmaps were generated during the import of canvases.

All I can say is that if there is a way to get a better connection to the host then they need to do it. I mean my ping is normally like 160+ but in every other online game I have its normally around 60 lmao.

You get a 150ms ping when you connect to a US server from Europe…you get a better one if you connect to a European one if you live there.

I live in the US and play with my friend who lives about 100 miles away and I get this kind of lag. He usually hosts but we both have good internet speeds. It sometimes will rocket up to 1000 and I will have to close the game.

Weird. If your upload is not used by any other services that shouldn’t happen. But I still tend to blame your connection because self hosting is different from joining a dedicated server.