Suggestions for Content Later in Development

I have not played the Alpha yet, although I’m very excited to get my hands on a copy beginning of next month. But I do have some suggestions…
-Food? Edibles and stuff. I think that’d be a really fun feature…And it’d make use of the microwave and fridge items. I feel like this could get in depth; if you keep food in your inventory for too long, it’ll rot. You need to put it in your fridge until a later date in which to feast. Food items could also be placed for visitors to your condo to eat, as well as the added ability to cook food as well in either a stove-top or oven, which you could obtain the raw materials from a grocery store in the Plaza (or something to that effect).

-Spotify Support? I do use Spotify, and it’d be cool if you could use it to play music in your condo much like Soundcloud is used. Not really a necessity as I use SoundCloud as well, just an idea.

-Pets? I know there were pets in Gmod Tower, but I was wondering if there was a possibility that there would be Dogs/Cats, that you could leash and take with you in the plaza and stuff; with animations for walking, sitting/laying with idle.

Just a few ideas I thought would be fun in this game. Hope to receive a few responses soon!

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Pets are confirmed in the game. What types are unknown.

Food also got a large vote presence on the boardwalk in terms of stores, so we should see some type of system involving food.

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@Caboose Thanks for the speedy reply! Glad to see food was such an interest in the community, I was slightly worried it was just one of my quirky things I like about video-games. Hope to see you in game,

Glad to hear that.