Suggestions for Condo Editing

I have a few suggestions to improve condo editing.

  • If a condo floor, wall or ceiling has a pattern on it, multiple colors can be selected for it. (for example, if you use the Celebrations carpet, you could change the gray part of the pattern to blue and the white part to red)

  • Patterns for condo surfaces could be resized with a slider, because they’re usually small.

  • Condo surfaces could act like canvases, so I can spend less money on canvases to place on the floor.

  • There could be a panel on the wall in every room in condos which let you change the light’s color and make the light fade to different colors.

  • There could be an editor for condos where you place rooms from condos you already bought and connect them like legos to make your very own condo.

  • There could be a slider that makes condo surfaces glow.

  • All surfaces can be used for anywhere. (for example, The bathroom wall could be placed on the floor and carpet could be placed on the wall)