(Suggestion) "Player-hosted events" category


Hey guys.

Remember events like the Bone Zone, movie nights, and other player-organized meetups? They were usually discussed weeks in advance so everyone could make time to show up, and were loads of fun. I’ve got a proposal for the forums: a “Player Events” category.

It would be specifically for scheduling and posting about community-organized events. Some people like myself play Tower heavily for the social aspect, and it seems a bit harder to get a lot of people in one place nowadays without planning ahead. The fragmented servers don’t help, though I understand the need for having multiple servers in all regions.

In the end, I feel like this could give a lot of players something to do and inspire people to create their own happenings and events in the community. Just wanted to put it out there and see what you guys think. Thanks for your time.


Now that you’ve suggested this I have no idea why this wasn’t a thing before. You have my vote!


I fully agree! I never participated, but saw old footage of “The Bone Zone” and would love to be apart of community planned events! I was literally just thinking earlier today while gliding around the Plaza that for the 4th of July, we should have had something where like 2 guys stock up on fireworks and stand on the yellow raft out in the water and set off an insane amount, all while people hang out on the pier and watch.


I totally support this. I used to host events when I was younger in virtual worlds and loved it!

You’re also right about playing for the social aspect. So many people play these types of games for that reason.