[Suggestion] Increase Accelerate Payouts

I noticed after playing for a while that the payouts for accelerate are considerably low when comparing it to some other gamemodes. Virus, for example, can often give players over 1,000 units for simply surviving, regardless of their placement in the game, while the time for each map has a max length of 2:30


In accelerate, the matches can often be 3 minutes or more (depending on the map), yet the max payout you can get (Assuming first place on Bedzoom, a hard map) is 1,250 units per ~ 3 minute round as well as an extra 1,500 units at the end for a gold trophy



This is fairly low, and only one of the players get this many units in reward. The rest of the players who don’t get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will get much less

I’m not sure if increasing Accelerate payouts was already a planned feature, but I thought I’d suggest it since it seems to be a small amount for people who are new to TU

Thanks for reading all of our suggestions!


the payments definitely are quite lower than the other gameworlds, i know for a fact that they plan on implementing alternate routes that are slower but reward you with more units, but i’m not sure how much of a payout increase you’ll get…

regardless, increased payouts would be fantastic!