Suggestion:Bounty Hunting System in The Plaza

In Jedi Academy, there’s a feature in some online multiplayer servers were you can put a bounty on another player and have someone else eliminate them.

I’d see it working like this in Tower… You put a bounty on a random player for a certain amount of units and watch as they try to run and hide. When you have a bounty on you you will automatically have pvp enabled so that you can get killed.

I can see this working…

Have a player being a racist prick? Put a bounty on him!

Someone burped in the mic or is otherwise being obnoxious? Bounty on him!

You just don’t like another player’s model? Bounty!

Some smug Terminator-Ranked S.O.B. kept killing you while you were Patient Zero in Virus and you couldn’t infect anyone because of him/her? You better believe I’m putting a bounty on him/her to have someone else bust a cap in his/her ass to see how they like it!

Overall, I think this feature would be a nice addition to use in the plaza.

Want to annoy player who did nothing in particular ? Bounty !

Want to prevent people to go in the Casino or the Arcade where weapons are prohibed ? Bounty !

Want to prevent it to play games in the Lobby ? Bounty !

I believe this thing, should only be set as an opt-in, and even that’s a bit redundant with the pvp switch already, which you could let it enabled if you want people to hunt you down potentially in the plaza.


This honestly just seems like an unnecessary exercise in frustration for everyone; you know people would abuse this because they don’t like your avatar or something, or to harass people trying to fish or play typing derby.


My brother in catsack this is going to get abused.

Firstly by those having vendettas over the use of specific player models.
Secondly by those who are going to do it for the sake of trolling or harassment.
Thirdly by those seeking to mete out extrajudicial punishment on rule breakers. – Just document the necessary evidence and report them.

Tower Unite just isn’t that kind of game, in that it’s not Gmod DarkRP or GTA.

The PVP in Tower Unite is already casual at best, it’s arcadey in the minigames and Game Worlds, and demands that you opt-in in order to RDM while in social spaces such as Plaza exteriors and Condos – this can be toggled, and despite that you don’t really get anything for RDM’ing with other PVP-enabled players.

Not only does this suggestion run contrary to the PVP toggle, it also runs contrary to the “Leave Me Alone” toggle.

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this is very much just going to be used to annoy players and ESPECIALLY to harass them, i don’t think i could see anything positive coming out of this…


Please no. This is begging for player harassment. If someone is a rule breaker, gather evidence and report them.

Oh you don’t like someone’s player model? Set up a huge “bounty” for them.
Oh don’t like someone’s Steam profile? Set up a huge “bounty” for them.

It ruins the entire experience for them.


I could see a bounty system work for hunting bots maybe, like when the ocean expansion happens you can accept a bounty to kill a group of spooky skeleton pirates or something. As everyone else said, though, putting bounties on players would be extremely out of place for the kind of game TU is and I can’t see it ever adding anything of value to the gameplay or social interactions at all.


Sadly, OP complains regularly of being bothered by something or other while in-game in Tower discord and reluctantly takes the necessary measures to control it – eg. blocking interaction with the player(s) in question, or reporting them to moderation.

Complains of players being racist/using slurs but wants Tower Unite to be banned from sale in Turkey.

Complains/has it out for specific playermodels but gets salty when their own OC playermodel is attacked.

I don’t even know where to begin with this dude.

  1. That was wrong of me to say that Tower Unite should be banned in Turkey because a few players from there were being ignorant towards me, I apologize.
  2. The player models I have it out for are models that deserve it. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see models of sexualized FNAF models or models of questionable people like Chris-Chan on the steam workshop. This isn’t GMod, where the devs don’t care about what models you use. Also, I only get salty when somebody insults my OC unprovoked.

I’m sorry you feel this way about me, DarkMessenger84. I will take your feedback and try to change my actions.

I can agree with you on the one about the over sexualised player models, see:-

Probably cause those models are too borderline NSFW for Tower Unite.

Only way I could see this even remotely working, is to directly tie it to the PvP system. If (and only if) you’re opted-in to PvP, another toggle would appear to then opt-in to the bounty system. This is not ever a system you should be forced into.

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Those types of models violate PixelTail’s workshop rules anyway, and so, no, you’re shouldn’t “have it out” for them, you should do as Dark suggested and just report them and move on.

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This “system” doesn’t even remotely fit into the game at all, even as/for a pvp gamemode. You have tools available to deal with obnoxious players but all this does is create MORE of them. At this point you should just go to some DarkRP server in Gmod, as your incentive and thoughts more align those instead of this game.

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I mean, a bounty system could work, if its given automatically to a player that is killing other players in the plaza. Basically anything to promote PvP. Killing people gets you a reward, but also gives you a bounty. That would get people killing each other more. Of course if you have PvP off then none of this applies.


So a dead system that no one will use because no one wants to deal with that annoyance? If they want that levl of pvp they have virus and the up-coming revival of SDNL, otherwise it has no place in this game.