[Suggestion]An actual quote button

I love how this forum is designed to be unique and modern. However, I would like to request a general quote button as most forums have. It literally took me like 5 minutes to learn that I could quote specific things from messages by highlighting. I really like that feature, but a button to quote the entire thing would be nice (unless I’m blind and I can’t see it).

Ctrl + A is your friend ( after you highlight part of a post )

Yes, but I’m saying there should be a button for it like every other forum has.

There’s a reply button

But it doesn’t quote the user your’re replying to automatically. As far as I can tell.

Yeah, that’s true. I don’t think PixelTail has the ability to change this anyways, unless this forum is just open source software

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I don’t think this is all that necessary really. You can already see who you are replying to, quoting is just for more specific replying.

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Well how am I supposed to notice something that small? And every forum I’ve been to had a quote button that was visible under the reply button.