Successfully created a skybox workshop item

I managed to make a skybox for the workshop that you can build inside. I thought I’d share it because this is awesome and I’ll certainly be adding many more :smiley:

The only issue so far is because of the weird directional lighting affecting each octant differently. It works reasonably fine in pure daylight and pure night time. This is fairly low quality as it was just the first test, but I’ll be adding more higher quality skyboxes soon!

Extra information, I added some glow and if you take it to Art Studio you can noclip out of the map and have a skybox with zero lighting issues :smiley:


i looked at it ingame and its REAL NICE!
good job, i like it alot!

what about a matrix type one

that would be cool.

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The way I have it mapped is a spheremap, the basic UV unwrapping of blender, so basically you need a rectangular image that loops in all directions otherwise you’ll have a hard line. I’ll look into making a matrix one, the images also work much better if they’re really big quality, like 4k+

I made another, with a 16k*8k 19MB jpg image and it is truly beautiful.


It’s amazing what people can do with the workshop

I didn’t need my retinas.


you dont need them, uhh can i have them pretty please

Nice job! one of my friends was actually wondering about this when he saw drrabbits condo


just wait and see what extra features they’ll add to the workshop editor

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So an update for those interested in this stuff. Instead of using a spheremap I tried using a cubemap and it is SO MUCH NICER!!!
Check it out here:

In condos with a weather cycle you can see the edges slightly, it sucks but I don’t know what else I could do to minimise it. HOWEVER, in Art Studio if you place it and fly out the map, you get a PERFECT skybox with no issues at all, and it also means the collision box isn’t some weird rounded thing now, you can build right up to the edge and even walk through it, there is no collision box generated for objects without width.

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