Streaming to Tower Unite

Hey everyone, is there any way to stream to your media players in Tower personally?

I’ve heard of people using VLC for things like movies, but I had the idea of hosting some party games like Jackbox via media players. Just don’t know if that’s something that’s really possible?

I’m not sure of the VLC method, but I do know that you can get a stream with only a second or two of delay via rtmp and hosting a web server that has a player that is compatible and automatically has the stream playing, however it’s been like two years and I don’t remember what the video player was. It’s definitely possible though.

well that’s certainly a lead. do you have any idea how powerful the server would need to be? do I need a full desktop or could i get away with running it on a raspberry pi?

Not sure about a raspberry pi, but I’d assume you could probably manage to get it to run fine hosted within WSL.

honestly this is completely new for me since I’ve never even used Linux lol

Is this still true? RTMP from my understanding is h.264 specifically which Tower no longer supports (they switched from using the Steam browser to the browser built into Unreal). The Unreal browser does support webm though, but the streaming options for this are pretty annoying and limited especially since the Unreal browser also does not support webrtc.

It worked in late 2020 and afaik no significant changes should have affected it since then.

I remember doing this a while back, its possible but fiddly. Dont remember exact method but i remember it involved streaming from the source device to a
some kind of livestream server running on a vps, and then host a webpage from there with a player on it.