Streaming MP4 or other files from web


I’ve seen a method on here dealing with VLC but is there a way or to play MP4 or MKV files from a hosted source. For example [link removed]

If not, is it planned?

Thanks guys! Love the game btw, can’t wait for the community condo features!


It was possible on media players, so MP4 should be possible on media players. But the thing is media players are a little broken right now.


Yeah its kinda annoying since i would want to play something from either soundcloud or my own server but nope.


port the Perk-a-Cola machines from cod zombies, then make the jingles play when you activate them


I wouldn’t click on that link. Malewarebytes (my anti virus) says its a trojan download…


Its actually not, I personally made this file in sony vegas so unless sony vegas is embedding trojans now its safe, but i understand airing on the side of caution. However the basis of the question still stands. I far as I can see there isn’t support for what I was looking to do so I’ll consider this thread answered.


In case anyone was curious about the (not-trojan infested I hope) video in question:

(I don’t actually know if that will embed, I’ll flag for deletion if it doesn’t)


why is the video address


Because everyone can set up a pomf clone nowadays and some people have a silly taste in domains? It’s like a competition for the funniest URLs among hackers…


That’s the video address because it is a fact that cat girls are indeed: sexy (and cute).

Also it’s the most reliable file host I have.


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