Stream Questions 4/29/2016

If you had any questions during the stream that we just couldn’t get to, please ask them here.


Will you ever add a Benchmarking system to the game, so you can check how your PC performs during a couple of different scenarios? Like say for an example you can have a benchmark test where the camera flies around the Plaza, and the game tells you the lowest FPS, highest FPS, and average FPS.

Edited the post with more info on what I mean.

So, is there a progress report or estimated time on when work on the netcode optimizations/improvements will start? For example, client prediction for shooting in Virus/Planet Panic. As well as more netcode stuff like condo instruments, etc.

I was wondering; could we please see the return of Masks? I loved them in GMT and I would love to see them return. I don’t like faces.

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  1. Gif Canvas during the Update?
  2. New outfits?
  3. Please add colorable Cat Backpack
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Will you eventually be able to queue for games while in your condo?

Will the way clothing works ever now get changed to be more mix & match instead of the full outfits it is now?
[I missed if the question was answered on stream]

Canvas support for vector images? Gotta look crispy sharp, no matter how big or small the picture.

We’re always working on optimizations, it’s a constant ongoing process throughout development.

Gif canvas will not be a feature. The canvas system can’t be made to be compatible with GIF images. The media player could handle them, though.

Not currently planned to be expanded on for awhile.

We’re eventually going to be adding colors to wearable items.

No information on this yet, but it is something we have discussed.

Not currently planned to be expanded on for awhile.

I don’t think we’re gonna be doing that sadly.

Will you be able to trade units like you were able to trade GMC on GMT? And if so will it be done through steam inventory?

Also, will particles effects work in gamemodes like ball race/golf?

Wait did I just get pranked

You quoted me and did nothing with the information

The “Lobby 1 or Lobby 2 switch button”, can you elaborate on what that actually means? Does it mean we can choose from our Lobby 1 or Lobby 2 Condo/Vault/Items Etc? & If so, If we chose Lobby 1, would it be just our Lobby 1 Condo/Vault/Items or will it include our Lobby 1 GMC aswell? & Would there be a way to choose our Lobby 1 Condo/Vault/Items BUT our Lobby 2 GMC?

For those who lost things in the Lobby 1 to Lobby 2 transfer, there will be a way to be able to select from what lobby you want your stuff to transfer from. So in the event you lost everything in Lobby 2, you could go back and transfer all the stuff you had from Lobby 1.

In terms of your GMC, it would all come from what you had at the end of GMT’s lifespan. You can’t select Lobby 1 and get the GMC you had before Lobby 2.

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Okay cool, so I’ll be able to get my Lobby 1 items, but my lobby 2 GMC correct? :grin:

It will always be Lobby 2 GMC.


I’m still a little confused… On the site it’s not showing a lot of my items (From both lobby 1 and 2) so what exactly can I do about getting those items back?

A whole lot of people (myself included) are having the same issue. I’m assuming that it’s because it’s just a beta test for now, and the system is just having trouble retrieving the items from the database. I’m sure it will get sorted out.

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Five words… Where is the godly button…