Stream 9/4/2015

Gonna keep this short, but we’re definitely having a stream this Friday at 4PM PST.



I think you really underestimate how excited this stuff makes me. I can honestly say I get more excited watching you guys make the game and talk about making the game, then actually playing it.

Can. Not. Wait.


I agree with Caboose here. You guys have been teasing the developers streams of you actually working on the game for about a month now and we still haven’t really seen any of those. :anguished:

Yesss!! I love catching these streams! So much fun.

Hecka hyped for the stream, I love seeing how the game’s coming along.

Won’t be able to join in on this one but seeing the game progress gives me a spark of joy

NOOOO I’ll be home from work like an hour after this :cry: I’ll have to catch up on the twitch VOD.

Looking forward to see what you guys have been up to, I won’t be able to catch it live but I’ll watch it when I wake up tomorrow morning.

I’m glad you changed the time. Hopefully this will stay.

If this was recorded, where can I watch it?

Right here.