[Strawpoll] TDI Phobia Factor


what the hell why are they so specific, also i haven’t heard of this show anywhere except that old cartoon (rip)

Where’s the option for ‘what is this show?’

Total Drama is a reality/cartoon show that were created by Canadian animators starting with the first season titled Total Drama Island. First aired on Teletoon, then later on Cartoon Network.

The USA version removed all profanity from the Canadian version, but kept the drama as the title of the show suggests.

Two teams are separated (later three in later seasons) are going to face challenges that were rather extreme, gross, or serious.

The winner team wins invincibility, while the loser team has to vote one person on their team to be eliminated.

The most votes on one person has, the person will not receives invincibility and gets eliminated. While the others who have less votes gets the invincibility and continues for the big prize.

However, in later seasons like Revenge on the Island, the loser has to get a radioactive marshmallow that the loser must not eat.

Speaking of the eliminations, they were having unfair eliminations from all the seasons (expect Total Dramarama) that just piss off most of the fans. (e.g. Lashawna from TDI)

In World Tour, before they headed to the next location, they have to do a musical songs in order to survive. If not, then the contestant will get eliminated as well.

The other rest of it I won’t explain it because I’m too lazy…

Oh, yeah, I remember this episode. Haven’t watched Total Drama in ages. I actually have two main phobias, the dark and heights.