Strats for Finding the Last Few Fish

I’ve caught 2795 fish and 646 rare ones and I’m currently down to ten targets left to catch. Nine of which are fish and one being the Screamy Boi.

By comparing to a filled-out list here’s what I’m missing:

  • Cosmic Fish (my friend literally caught this his first try)
  • Large Brown Trout
  • Large Carp
  • Large Moorish Idol
  • Large Pike
  • Large Skeleton Fish (My friends’ third catch)
  • Large Streaked Spinefoot
  • Skeleton Fish (My friend’s fourth catch…)
  • Time Fish
  • Screamy Boi

I need to know which fish I should be grinding to get these guys. I assume most are in the Gold Lion Fish, but I’ve been grinding that with no new catches. Are these fish found exclusively in the normal Big and Small Fish? Are there any things I can be doing to increase my odds? (I use Curlies and Worms exclusively)


I think I got the cosmic fish and time fish from the gold lionfish, and I got my screamy boy from one of the wireframe ? ones. I don’t know about any of the other ones though, but I’m assuming all of the large fish are probably in either the large metal fish or the gold lionfish.

Ah, so my luck has just been terrible at getting these select few lol