Straights in poker not evaluated properly

I just lost a 300-400K pot in high stakes poker that I should have won.

My opponent had a 10 high straight, 6-10. I had a King high straight, 9-K. I still lost the hand.

It seems like the current code doesn’t take into account the idea of “higher” straights. I’d recommend looking at the same code for flushes as well. E.G. An ace high flush should beat a 10 high flush.

Thanks for your continued efforts to make an already great game, great. big kiss

not a bug so I’m putting this under suggestions

Neither hand in OP involved an ace, though?


This one does.

However the issue he mentions with the straights. Is kinda a bug I would say?
As a 10 high straight is lower than a king high straight. Although it depends on what the King High straight is composed of?? I dunno I don’t know everything about poker.

You seem to be thinking of the “most-best” rule. If both parties create the same hand in certain card games like Texas Hold 'em (say, a 10-high straight), the person who used the most cards from their hand to complete the hand (as opposed to the cards on the table that everyone can use to build a hand) wins. If they used the same number of cards, whoever has the highest card in their hand (that they used to complete their final hand) wins.

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Nah that’s not what I was thinking of however that is interesting as I didn’t know that :​p

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