Story Time!

I’ve seen this is many forums and I was surprised to find out this wasn’t already here. So I start with one sentence and then the next person adds the next. Pretty simple! There are some rules though.

  • Don’t comment on your own reply.

  • Keep it PG

  • One sentence only

  • Have fun! :grinning:

Once upon a time there was a man named MacDGuy.


MacDGuy was cooking some lasagna.


Then, all of a sudden, it was Friday.


I know but that one only makes you write one word. I feel that takes too long and makes it harder to make a story. If you think this is too close to the other game I will delete it.

You don’t need to, it’s still a different type of word game, and any contributions to these forums are very much welcomed. :smiley_cat:


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MacDGuy realized that the game is being released today and scrambled to work on last minute bug fixes.

Then, all the sudden, our great god @Foohy came down and fixed all the bugs.

But suddenly, there was only one issue.

Shoelaces weren’t colorable anymore.

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So suddenly, someone sought some solutions.

They coded for hours and hours on end to fix the problem and finally the shoelaces were colorable, and it was ready to be released, but there was a problem.

Catsacks couldn’t be made and bought

And people rioted.

Soon, Mac’s house was surrounding by rioting people!

all the sudden, mac opened his window

And then suddenly, the sun set.

However, the rioters did not leave.

They then came up with a ingenious plan…