Still can't connect to Tower Unite steam servers

I know I have 2-3 threads about this already, but I thought it would be better to make a new thread.

For those who don’t know already, I can connect to every single game in my steam library EXCEPT for Tower Unite. I can connect just fine on my computer at my other house. Yes, I can run this game on “turbo” for absolute sure, even though that has nothing to do with a connection. Here is what I have tried doing to fix the problem here:

1. Checking to see if Tower Unite is allowed in Windows Firewall

2. Added a second TU process to Windows Firewall that is called something like “Win-shipping” (not sure on what the full name is)

3. Port forwarded all steam ports

4. Reinstalled the game

5. Verified Game Cache

6. Removed all third party networking software, and removed all needless virtual network adapters

7. Started steam with -tcp launch parameters

8. Restarted Router, Modem, and even rebooted + factory reset my router.

9. Used a VPN connection to connect to steam

10. Restarted my PC (dumb)

11. Disabled Windows Firewall

12. Made a TCP and UDP Tower Unite Inbound and Outbound rule in Windows Firewall

13. Clearing Download Cache

14. Clearing Userdata folder in steam directory

15. Contacted steam support (not much help at all)

16. Referred to this steam support page:

17. Hitting my keyboard really hard

And other common fixes for this type of issue.

Please, I need help with this. I have too much fun at my other house playing this game.

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I’m moving this out of bug reports because this seems to be an issue with your hardware or network connection at your house, evidenced by it working completely fine in your other home. This doesn’t appear to be a bug with the game.

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Have you tried analyzing network traffic on all levels? What do wireshark/your routers logs say, does the connection work? Is the ISP the same for both locations? Maybe you’re victim of a firewall rule that’s out of your control.

Not sure what you mean by analyzing network traffic. I know my router config page has a logs option, and I have out of curiosity clicked it but not really payed much attention to. The ISP in both location is Charter, so my ISP can’t be the issue.

Simply checking how far your connection does work, if between two specific devices the packages suddenly don’t come through.