Stepmania megathread, kinda


As it turns out there are at least 2 TU devs who are kinda decent at Stepmania (and also Flash Flash Revolution was on GMT) so I am required by law to spread some knowledge about this amazing game, Stepmania.

What is Stepmania?

Ever played Dance Dance Revolution, the game where you step on arrows to the beat? Yeah, it's basically that but for PC and you can play it with your keyboard and stuff. Also it has extensive custom song and modding support, and because of that combined with the fact that you can play it with a keyboard, its charts have gotten ridiculous.

(Content warning: some swearing and some kinda loud audio. This is a meme chart, but I’m sure it gets the point across.)

Stepmania can be downloaded here, and Etterna, a popular fork intended for serious keyboard players, can be downloaded here. The Etterna website also has a massive repository of charts to download, covering almost all skill levels.



what the fuck, rhythm game players are insane

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this is quite a different level than rhythm heaven



I obsessed over StepMania briefly years ago. But that video is NEXT LEVEL.



I might be going through another phase of playing Stepmania for maybe a month and then taking a break for I don’t know how long. I played it last week but I went at it a little to rapidly and ended up getting quite a cramped forearm as I play it single handedly on my arrow keys. I think that’s mostly due to the fact that my middle finger has to take on both the up and down keys, while my index finger does the left and my ring finger does the right. It can get quite hard to switch between the up and down keys at difficulty levels of 11 and higher, though those level values are so unstandardised that they hardly mean anything, in my experience.

I should probably warm up by playing slower charts next time, too.

Also, that chart is… something. It’s more about spamming keys than following the rhythm.



I just want you to know how much I hate you for introducing me to my new addiction.