Steam Workshop loading times

Hey devs, my suggestion was to see if the game could download the Steam Workshop page and addons to a cache file/folder because on a low-end connection like mine it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to load the main page every time I want to open it.

This wouldn’t be an issue if to get to the main page first I have to load my favorites in the apparence tab which also takes around 10 minutes, another problem I found is that if you load multiple pages (opening the main page then opening subscribed items without letting the other page finish loading in-game) it splits the download speed to try to load all the pages at the same time, a download speed of 100 kbps is not optimised for this operation because those 100 kbps are getting split in 33 kbps or less to load one page which is not a whole lot and takes around 30-35 minutes to do so.

I don’t like having to load the page everytime I want to open it and I think with a pre-loaded cache stored in a game file would be more efficient.

PS: Hello devs, first of all I want to congratulate you guys on doing such a bold move on moving GMT to TU, I played the heck of lobby one and two when they were up and had a blast there, keep up the good work.

PSS: Oh also I love 32p for loading media, you guys are a godsend <3

This has been happening to me quite often too, and I do agree that a cache folder, for both workshop items and models would very much be a step in the right direction. I don’t want to urge people to reconnect to my condo just to load in all the Workshop stuff I have.