Steam Trading Cards

Oh man that sounds quite awesome. Also added dogbag emotions to the list.

it was Mike’s idea

And then we wont be able to get all of the trading cards and will have to buy the remaining ones?

Cause that happens on every game in the whole universe.

Card drops don’t reset when crafting a badge, that’s how trading cards work in general.

Do you guys also take artwork suggestions?
I would love to do some TU emojis for steam! Or even backgrounds :smile:


Most of those are just this thread’s artwork being edited.

and the game’s logo.

Well that’s not true, like at all.
I used the catsack as reference, same as he apparently did.

And the logo i used as an example on what a TU emoji for steam could look like. Jeez.

that’s fine~ I can see that your catsack faces were made from scratch and kinda closer to the originals too, cute stuff :3


Thank you, same to you! :blush:

oh yeah sorry I see the differences now.
They are very similar. :P Really sorry I didn’t see the differences of the two different catsacks.

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I would a lot more prefer the badges to be catsacks.

EDIT: Normal Cat, Worker cat, CEO cat, Knowledge cat, Godly cat
EDIT2: Foil: Dogsack


I don’t really like the badge names, either. They don’t build up on each other that much, and I don’t get why they have to be related to in-game activities (especially the casino master one).

[details=My suggestion]
Tower visitor
Tower regular
Tower member
Tower pro
Tower master
Foil: Tower VIP[/details]

Why do they need to build up on each other? You get trading cards randomly, so they really shouldnt be connected. Like, it’d be pretty weird to get the Tower VIP one before you got Tower Visitor. As for why they need to be related to in-game activities, trading cards always are.

He means the badge levels, not the cards themselves. You always go from badge level 1 to 2 up to 5. It’s impossible to get Tower VIP before Tower Visitor.

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Yeah, I meant the levels. Even though Tower VIP would technically be obtainable before Visitor, since it’s the foil version.

Oh whoops. Was really tired when I wrote that. Didn’t notice he said badges. Yeah, his names do make more sense


And what if you craft the foil badge before the normal one? No one does this afaik, but it IS possible.
I made the badge names the way they are because I have seen other games do it in this fashion (see Cities: Skylines, Garry’s Mod, Portal 2, L4D2…), and it appealed much more to me, rather than names that go by a dead obvious template. Vtipoman’s variant starts with “Tower” every time and is followed by some typical rank word, not very exciting or creative imo. Not to mention that you could do this with absolutely any game, badges should have as much to do with the game as possible tbh.

I just don’t want to be called a “casino master” for all of eternity, despite not visiting or enjoying the casino at all. Same deal with the gamemodes, or accessories.

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Eh, that’s not much of a deal, not like the names of badges are actually supposed to say anything about you. Every game developer just needed names for their badges, and so they picked whatever they could think of that is related to their game in some way.
According to my steam badges, I am called a Master in Voxelized, Professional Caveman in Rust, Last Standing in Contagion, Captain in FTL, Ganker in Dota 2, Lord in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Global Sentinel in CS:GO, and Captain in Sniper Elite V2, despite not playing any of the games at all, except for the last one which I played for a super short time. Note all of the badges I mentioned are the level 5 variants.

Also just another thing I want to add because it came to my mind, probably taking it too far at this point

Making the badge names rank up like this would kind of imply that ranking is a core game feature in Tower Unite, which is of course not true. The only thing that remotely resembles ranking is getting rich, there’s no user ranking or anything like that, like some competitive rank for example. Because of this, such names would be even more out of place than they already seem.
But whatever, I haven’t heard many opinions about this in particular, I just added my cents to this shrug

Then you’ve earnt it, no? The foil takes precedence over all other badges. I don’t think anyone really cares if they have Tower VIP before anything else y’know. It’s really not that big of a deal.
What would you rather call the levels though, because I do agree Tower X is kind of uninspired.