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  • Backgrounds
  • Badges
  • Emoticons
  • Trading Cards
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I’m actually pretty excited for this. TU is my favorite game and having icons and steam backgrounds based on it will be pretty cool

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We just gotta figure out what emoticons we want…
Probably a future poll.


Oh boy! I can’t wait to collect yet another level 1 badge!


Ohhh boy I might need my suggestions again. I had a super detailed list on what we could have, and even what rarity each item should be.

So here it is. Changed some things because I did not like them.


Ohhh boy am I excited for this!
I’m in need of more backgrounds and emoticons, and it’s good to know that my favorite game will be having their own soon!

Simple, but maybe just catsacks with different facial expressions? (Happy, sad, angry, etc.)


Honestly, I’d rather have this.
Catsack emoticons I can use in a variety of situations, unlike a random collection of TU items


Oh man that sounds quite awesome. Also added dogbag emotions to the list.

it was Mike’s idea

And then we wont be able to get all of the trading cards and will have to buy the remaining ones?

Cause that happens on every game in the whole universe.

Card drops don’t reset when crafting a badge, that’s how trading cards work in general.

Do you guys also take artwork suggestions?
I would love to do some TU emojis for steam! Or even backgrounds :smile:


Most of those are just this thread’s artwork being edited.

and the game’s logo.

Well that’s not true, like at all.
I used the catsack as reference, same as he apparently did.

And the logo i used as an example on what a TU emoji for steam could look like. Jeez.

that’s fine~ I can see that your catsack faces were made from scratch and kinda closer to the originals too, cute stuff :3


Thank you, same to you! :blush:

oh yeah sorry I see the differences now.
They are very similar. :P Really sorry I didn’t see the differences of the two different catsacks.

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I would a lot more prefer the badges to be catsacks.

EDIT: Normal Cat, Worker cat, CEO cat, Knowledge cat, Godly cat
EDIT2: Foil: Dogsack


I don’t really like the badge names, either. They don’t build up on each other that much, and I don’t get why they have to be related to in-game activities (especially the casino master one).

[details=My suggestion]
Tower visitor
Tower regular
Tower member
Tower pro
Tower master
Foil: Tower VIP[/details]