Steam says tower unite is running but it is not



I have recently been playing Tower Unit and when I close the game either via clicking quit in game or using task manager to close the game it is still saying the game in running. I have checked task manager for all possible running tasks but there is nothing there. The only way to re open the game is to exit the steam bootstrapper task in task manager?

Is anyone else having this issue?



Ok friend what you want to do is check your Task Manager and see if anything called Tower.exe is running (or anything similar to that) and then end the process. It should say on steam that you are no longer playing if that doesn’t work try restarting steam or your computer.



@Spookz he said he checked the task manager and it wasn’t there. @Derf i think its a steam related issue or could be how tower unite talks to steam, not 100% sure, because i know Garry’s Mod does the same issue for me time to time and sometimes closing steam in task manager doesn’t even do it.



Sometimes, even after the program is closed, the process still remains. You may need to change your Task Manager options to show processes alongside applications.



I have checked task manager for all possible running tasks but there is nothing there.



I understand that, but I couldn’t assume that you already knew about processes versus tasks, as they are different and I don’t think the task manager displays processes by default. It might have been the answer, so I’d rather not skip it even if it wasn’t in the end. I’m fairly certain that processes are all Steam checks for as well, so if there aren’t any processes of TU still running then I have no idea why Steam would still think TU is running.

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SOLVED (for anyone running on Windows 10)
Inside the task manager navigate to Processes “Steam Client Bootstrapper”
There in the drop down arrow you will find 2 instances of “Tower” running,
End both of those tasks. (careful not to select the entire Bootstrapper or you will have to restart steam)




(jk this is allowed since you did give a solution/added more to the thread)