Steam Sales

So Tower Unite is 15 dollars by default but most people wait for steam sales before buying a game, making it closer to 10 dollars by average. Was this considered when pricing the game?

I’d bet it was considered. I highly doubt they just picked the number 15 out of their ass and thought it’d be a good price. There was probably a discussion, where the pros and cons were listed out, and they chose that as the price.

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Well its just that in the kickstarter and indigogo they repeat that its only 15 dollars over and over again when really its not. Lets put this in perspective, being a donator/vip in gmod tower is 15 dollars… Tower Unite is 15 dollars but steam sales bring it down… So a HUGE multiplayer game with frequent updates and no microtransactions is cheaper then virtual perks in a free mod? I mean I’d call that a steal for the consumers to say the least!

Games get to choose if they want to be part of a sale if I’m not mistaken. They also are allowed to set their sale price. It isn’t just some sudden email from valve going “Hey yeah, we’re putting your game at 90% for the week.”

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Well in a steam summer sale GTA5 raised it’s price to 80 dollars but the sale dropped it back down to 60. Once the sale was over they put the price back to 60 dollars. That’s what made me think that valve decides what games go on sale and when they do. Maybe its only for Triple-A games?

I’m pretty sure that was just Rockstar being a dick. Games get to pick if they are part of sales, and at what price the game goes up for on sale. Valve doesn’t have anything to do with the pricing of your game The sales aren’t mandatory, it’s all whether or not the game developer wants to do it or not.

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I think Rockstar did that through the loophole of adding it as a forced bundle, including a shark card (in game money). Outside of the sale that would have hit above $80.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about how sales work, but we’re in control of our own prices and sales.