Steam market items

As the title says, add items e.g jet pack skins, objects to put in homes, in-game name colour, golf balls, skins monkey ball skins,hats or bizarre objects that have a steam market value (i think you get the point). Make these items hard to get so that it shops dedicated players and also the items will mean something.

Tasks that could reward a valuable in-game item would be things such as:

-random drops
-win x amount of golf/bowling/laser tag games (etc)

Thanks, Founq

Just… no.


Wasn’t this planned at one point? Or am I just going crazy? (again)

It’s not planned nor stated it won’t happen.
It’s kind of in the air really, devs don’t really like the idea of currency trading in any form but it’s something people request so commonly and that’s why it’s just a ‘maybe’.

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While the idea sounds good on paper, the fact is it won’t happen if trading isn’t happening, which, last I heard, is tricky business because it would be an irreversible change. Not even going into the sticky “microtransactions or not” argument, this idea pales to the concept of Tower Unite having Market presence via Steam trading cards, which is more likely to gain the game publicity than a separate Market for in-game items, given that trading cards in general have a higher appeal than in-game apparel.

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There was talk a while ago of allowing non-store items (such as things acquired by fishing) to be sold via marketplace. I forget if this plan has changed since then (and even if it hasn’t, that doesn’t mean it’s still happening).