Steam Key "Product Already Owned"

So, I just got the Steam key from my Early Bird Gamer thing, and upon trying to put it in, it tells me that I already own the product associated with the activation code. I already put in my Tower Unite Alpha access key, does the alpha access key become an early access key when it releases tomorrow?

…Do I have an extra key now? :confused:

If you already have the Early Access game, you will have the full release.

I tried entering the product key on my backer panel and got the same message, so I’m guessing the key from the backer panel is the same as the alpha access key. And yes, the alpha becomes early access starting from tomorrow, so you shouldn’t have an extra key.

If you are talking about the Steam Keys distributed today over the Backer Panel, those are release keys and won’t unlock the game until the game goes live.

Alright, although I wasn’t asking about early access becoming the full release, thanks for clarifying. I was just confused as to why it said I already owned the product. I’ll wait until tomorrow when it goes live and hopefully wont have any more issues. :grin:

The key is the same as the alpha key if you already had an alpha key.

There’s the answer I was looking for, thanks!