Steam is REALLY screwed up right now, avoid any store/community links

Steam is having a big security breach right now, people are logging into random accounts with full access to anything unprotected. Launch a game or something to stop that from happening.

Current status of it

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Best advice is to do NOTHING on Steam. Don’t click anything, don’t touch anything, don’t logout, don’t login, don’t close it, just don’t touch it.


Post I made earlier and passed around different groups for informative purposes.

[quote]Let it be made clear that you could only SEE other peoples details, and even then phone numbers and credit card numbers were censored (Aside from the last few digits).

Users could not manipulate or otherwise use other accounts they ‘had access’ to. This was a caching error causing other users information to be displayed, and be displayed /only/.

So unless you have a problem with some stranger knowing your email, despite how likely it is that very same email is in the databases of hundreds of ad companies/You’re concerned about people seeing how much money you’ve wasted into your Steam wallet… you’re completely fine.[/quote]

The store page is back online globally and the issues have been resolved.

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Except they haven’t, at least not entirely, since folks (including myself) still can’t log in and stuff like that. The caching error is fixed, though. It was spooky as hell, not going to lie. Had myself a journey around the world :stuck_out_tongue:

And Valve still has not made a statement on this matter. Their lack of professionalism really shined today.

That could just be the login servers overwhelming. A few of my friend who’d logged off in panic have since gotten back online.

Everything seems to be fixed; I can use Steam properly now.

I believe the issue is fully resolved now.
Here’s the worst that could happen to you: someone knows your account details (last 4 digits of credit card, name, address, steam account name)
No one was able to make purchases using your account or change any settings.

heh, i was sleeping when it happened